Goodbye Kim’s Video & Music

I found this place a few years back when a friend and I were stumbling around New York. There has been a bit of buzz about the shop because it’s set to close down mid-July.

The record store didn’t leave a mark on me, but my interactions were brief. It’s interesting to hear a take from a former employee of the store, as well as some of its history.

From my last visit to the store in June 2012:



Coachella aftermath four: The Shouting Matches (Guelph, regret, gush)

So many thoughts rolled into one post.

Last week I had two opportunities to see Justin Vernon’s new outfit called the Shouting Matches. I was absolutely heartbroken to have missed both due to leaving late.

Well, happy to report that I have purchased their new album Grownass Man and I’m going to give it, it’s first real listen today (!!).

Living in a small city, it’s hard to find a record store that carries any given album. It’s pushed me to make the occasional purchase at the big box music store… Kind of a bummer.


Coachella preamble seven: Amoeba Records

I am incredibly proud to say I’ve been to all 4 Amoeba locations in California. My favourite has to be the Hollywood spot, despite the fact that I got a $60 ticket after spending five minutes buying Nada Surf’s last album. Argh.

They’ve also got a terrific series called What’s in my bag? Funny thing… I wrote that previous post on Amoeba neck deep in marking… Here I am, yet again, marking…


The National ‘Boxer’ gush, love

Approximately, one year ago, I fell in love with a little band called the National. Thanks to a few good Australian folk, one of which you can get to know better here (, I finally made my way to one of their gigs. I often get asked what are my favourite concerts I’ve been to, without hestitation, the Air Canada Centre gig in Toronto has to be one of my favourites.

To steer myself back on track as to why I am writing this post – I found a little image on the Music vs. Misery Facebook page ( The image below is from a record store, who’s employed a National-loving employee. As I learn to love the National more and more, I completely agree with this statement!! Boxer has grown on me. Most recently today, the surprisingly lovely tune “Apartment Story.”

There’s a really heartwarming contest being held through Yeah! Weddings ( One of the couple finalists happen to be a pair that bonded over the National… The song they relate to most is “Apartment Story” ( I always find it interesting to delve into Berninger’s lyrics to find something just a bit more deep than I hear just from his monotone vocals.

I’ve only fallen in love a few times in my life, but easily the National has been one of my biggest loves!

Record Stores, music test

I applied to work at a local record store in Guelph and they gave me a music/movie test. These were the answers I botched up: 

Music (These actually break my heart!!!):

  1. Henry Rollins (of Black Flag)
  2. Big Boi  (OutKast) 
  3. Ronnie Wood (The Rolling Stones)
  4. Mike Patton (Faith No More and Mr. Bungle) 
  5. ?Quest Love (The Roots) (Instrument: Drums)
  6. Steve Martin (Instrument: Piano, Banjo)


  1. Max von Sydow: The Seventh SealThe Greatest Story Ever Told
  2. Akira Kurosawa – Seven Samurai, Yojimbo
  3. David Finchner – Fight Club, The Social Network
  4. Hayao Miyazaki – Spirited Away
  5. Gary Oldman – True Romance, Fifth Element, Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy