‘Phil Spector’ Directed by David Mamet

The Morning Benders’ Yours Truly session interview made me think of Phil Spector. I watched David Mamet’s HBO film ‘Phil Spector’ recently and found it very weird. Given all of the big star actors, I felt as though I should’ve liked it, but it came off mega cheesy to me… But perhaps that’s what Spector was all about.

This is a still from my most memorable scenes from the film:

pacinoAnd I suppose real life too:

phil-spector-headBy far my favourite opening scene and Ronettes tune. Mean Streets was released in 1973, ten years after the tune was originally released. Thanks Phil!!!:

Album: George Harrison ‘Living in the Material World’

1973 was a good year…

I also started listening to Gram Parsons’ album GP recently, also released in 1973. 1973 was the year Parsons died of an overdose… He was two months shy of club 27….

This post however is about my favourite Beatle–George, and his brilliant album Living in the Material World.

And this marvelous documentary Martin Scorsese directed: