Gush: Cigarettes After Sex

I know I’m a bit late to the party, normally I catch on to a band’s big wave before they play big venues like the Danforth Music Hall, but here I am.

I love the stillness of this song.
I love that I didn’t know the gender of the singer and didn’t care to know for the longest time.
I love that a cover of this very song was used in one of my favourite films I’ve seen in some time, Promising Young Woman

Original song, cover of the song, and trailer for the film Promising Young Woman below:

This weekend’s haul: GBV, Explosions in the Sky, Allison Crutchfield and Frightened Rabbit

Snagged Allison Crutchfield and the Prince Avalanche soundtrack on super sale at Soundscapes ($41.00 tax in!). The owner of the store said to me – those would be my picks of the boxes too.

…There’s nothing better than the record store clerk’s seal of approval!



Sondre Lerche at the Bowery Ballroom; Tuesday September 23, 2014

I love New York. At any given time or date you can find someone amazing performing… I’m looking at you, Ted Leo at South Street Seaport in 2011 and the National (a few times over). I always peruse the wonderful Oh My Rockness to keep me in the loop for all of my concert needs.

The last time I saw Lerche play the Bowery Ballroom, it was to an empty house. I was surprised to find so many people this particular gig. Lerche’s new album titled Please is filled with everything I was expecting, wonderful hooks, full swells and lots of sing-along opportunities. Many folks in the crowd seemed to be hanging on to the words of many of the new tunes.

Lerche played with a three-piece band, which with Lerche sounds like a band twice its size. He had a three girls from the opening band Teen provide back up vocals and keyboard on three or four songs throughout the set.

The first gig I’ve see him as a single man, Lerche appeared in good spirits despite the happenings. He appeared to be having a great time, which is something very unique to the guy. He’s active and full of energy on stage without coming off as forced or planned. Music comes easy to him and he’s not afraid of showcasing older tunes. He drew from his older catalogue, playing a number of older tunes such as “Two Way Monologues,” “My Hands Are Shaking” and “The Tape,” while playing a number of newer tunes that the crowd loved.

Since the release of Dan in Real Life, Lerche has been playing “Modern Nature” at his gigs. The first time was sweetly with his tour mate Sylvie Lewis, but without a female counterpart he has been drawing from the audience for help. I’ll admit, it’s a sweet song and it’s mighty nice to be involved, but I’m growing tired to hearing knobs yell the lyrics out like maniacs. I sadly was positioned next to the village drunk who was sluggishly, yet confidently yelling out all of the words he could string together.


Gush: True Blood

I’ve managed to blaze through about five seasons of True Blood in less than a month. After about three seasons, I started to realize that the show names songs after the song they use during the credits. I noticed a season five episode was named “Somebody that I Used to Know” and I figured it was the Gotye song from a few years back. I was stunned to see that they actually used the gorgeous Elliott Smith song of the same title from the perfect album Figure 8.

I screamed, understandably.

True True-Blood-508-main

Gush: ‘Wild’ by Jean-Marc Vallé & Reese Witherspoon

Wild by Jean-Marc Vallée starring Reese Witherspoon and Giovanni Ribisi

I picked up Cheryl Strayed’s book Wild earlier this year and found myself absolutely glued to it. As a person that owns more books than ever read, I blazed through this book pretty quick. Beyond being based on an amazing book, the film’s director is Canadian powerhouse Jean-Marc Vallé (Dallas Buyer’s Club, C.R.A.Z.Y) and the trailer uses Beck’s wonderful tune “Turn Away.” And the final wrinkle? The film was written by Nick Hornby!!!!!


Also, another Reese Witherspoon gem film for Festival 2014:

Gush: Jenny Lewis, ‘Very Good Girls’

Jenny Lewis’ new album Voyageur dropped yesterday and I have gone Jenny Lewis ga-ga this morning. This nicely timed article written by the cutest boy in the world is also an amazing supplemental piece to boot!

Here are a few tunes making my morning followed by a trailer for the film Very Good Girls featuring a ditty written by Jenny Lewis for the film. The film’s Director is Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal’s mom, Naomi Foner, a friend of Lewis’ and stars Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen. The love interest in the film is portrayed by Boyd Holbrook, who you may recognize from the TV show The Big C, is actually engaged to Elizabeth Olsen!

Gush: ‘Teenage’ Directed by Matt Wolf

Even after seeing 12 docs at Hot Docs 2014, I’m super excited to see the film Teenage this weekend at the Bloor.

Just a rundown, because it’s an unconventional film, Teenage talks about the phenomenon that is youth and being a teenager. It’s a historical take on what was, what probably still is, and what can be. Jason Schwartzman provided the funds for the film and Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox provided the sweet tunes. Jena Malone, who starred in most of the teen films I loved in high school, provides narrations for the film – very fitting!

I’m completely smitten already!


Ani song six: “Crosses” by José González

There have been a few of the past five Ani songs I’ve posted that I know Ani actually liked. There are others that I’m not sure about, but they either remind me of him, or I just know he’d love.

I first got into González years ago after hearing his name somewhere and very often mixing him up with Canadian pianist Chilly Gonzales. I had even bought his 2007 album In Our Nature over the last two years while working at the Beat Goes On, a fifty off sale binge buy, I suspect. It wasn’t until watching Lucy Walker’s film The Crash Reel back in December 2013 that I felt the need to get my ears on González’s tunes, specially “Crosses” and “Down the Line.”

I’ve since realized that beyond owning In Our Nature, which has the tune “Down the Line” on it, I also own a CD with the tune “Crosses” on it. It’s however not the version I love most, but a later remix of it featured on the Zero 7 album The Garden, more funky, less soothing.

Weirdly enough, I actually prefer the Tiesto remix, as featured in The Crash Reel. There are all kinds of amazing version of the song that are floating around – just a really versatile, gorgeous tune. I’d love to walk you through some of them:

The original:


Zero 7: