Gush: True Blood

I’ve managed to blaze through about five seasons of True Blood in less than a month. After about three seasons, I started to realize that the show names songs after the song they use during the credits. I noticed a season five episode was named “Somebody that I Used to Know” and I figured it was the Gotye song from a few years back. I was stunned to see that they actually used the gorgeous Elliott Smith song of the same title from the perfect album Figure 8.

I screamed, understandably.

True True-Blood-508-main


Crowd Surfing etc.

Over the last ten or so years, I have shifted from the likes of pop to pop-punk to post-hardcore and now comfortably to indie rock. I have found myself at the occasional louder rock concert that I feel completely out of place at physically, but so at home musically. See this, this, this and this.

I found this gem of an article from Noisey that discusses crowd surfing at concerts and what some of my favourite artists think of it. I haven’t done it, mostly in fear of getting endlessly groped, but I get the rush and fun of it all.

Here are some gems of my favourite artists venturing into the crowd:


Mindy Lahiri crowd surfing in the Mindy Project

The National frontman Matt Berninger in 2007

The National frontman Matt Berninger in 2007


Thursday's Geoff Rickly

Thursday’s Geoff Rickly

Gush: ‘Fatherhood’ by Frank Azaria

Hank Azaria is famously known for voicing many characters in the Simpsons including: Carl, Comic Book Guy, Lou, Dr. Nick, Snake, Professor Frink, Sea Captain, Wiseguy, Superintendent Chalmers, Cletus and Kirk Van Houten, just to name a few.

He started the show at the age of 22 as the voice of Moe.

Here he is at forty-nine making an amazing web series called Fatherhood, which discusses one of my greatest fears, being a parent.

Gush: Friday Night Lights, Explosions in the Sky

Years ago I fell for the soundtrack to the film Friday Night Lights, however here I am to admit that I’ve never seen the film. Only recently, thanks to the show making it’s way to Netflix and rave recommendations of the pretty boys on the show, I have started watching the television show. A bit reverse, but that’s how I tend to do things.

I am a huge Explosions in the Sky fan. From their incredibly sweet pictures on their T-shirts to their amazing album artwork, and of course their incredible tunes, I like these rather silent dudes.

The last time I saw them live was at the worst venue in Toronto, the Sound Academy. The show was packed, but there’s no way Explosions, such a tight knit band, should play such a large, poorly laid out venue. Ranting aside, I’m half way through the first season and I love the TV show. It’s weird, every girlfriend of mine I speak to about the show, it seems that they’ve already plowed through it, some even multiple times. Where have I been?

The music on the TV show’s a bit misleading, if you’re a soft Explosions fan. Most sounds like Explosions, however I’m not convinced. The theme song, while sounding exactly like an Explosions tune, is actually by W.G. Snuffy Walden and it’s boringly called “Friday Night Lights Theme.” Like Explosions, Walden is a Texas native, who in 1975 played with Eric Burdon. It seems like he scored a number of other shows that I’ve seen including, My So-Called Life, Huff, and Felicity.

The tunes peppered throughout the show, too sound like Explosions, but I’m just not convinced. It’s reminiscent, but based on the Music Producer credit in the show’s intro, it seems that they may be the work of Walden. For the record, the show had me falsely in loading tonnes of Explosion tunes in the first episode, like this remarkable song:

Anyways, beyond some sound-a-likes, I really love the show and the music used in the show. It’s great to hear soft tunes like Calexico and Iron & Wine’s tune “Dead Man’s Will” and José González’s tune “Storm.”

And this Pear Jam song:

Gush: Night Beds

I don’t expect you to like Night Beds. I feel as though they’re something I would have adored years ago, but I can’t seem to shake their very lovely debut album titled Country Sleep, an album I discovered earlier this year. There’s something really sappy about their tunes, but hell, I dig it, wholeheartedly.

I missed their first bout through Toronto at the Drake back in March. It’s unfortunate that the gig was the same night as Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s…

They’re playing Toronto once again with Lord Huron at the Danforth Music Hall. Big venue, but I’m OK with this. Catch em’ February 1.

Do check out this NPR World Cafe Session.

Oh yeah, and Night Bedds, AKA Winston Yellen, is a total fox:


Is it weird that I cannot help but think of this guy when I hear the name Winston?


Lena Dunham interviews Mindy Kaling

I’m feeling less enchanted with Mindy Kaling as I watch more of her TV show The Mindy Project. The truth is that I really detest her ditsy, absent-minded, selfish character on the show. I guess we had a lot riding on Kaling with the end of 30 Rock, placing a lot of responsibility on funny, female auteurs. I also feel as though Kaling’s stupid character on the show is the product of Mindy Kaling. Mindy Kaling’s character is a complete and utter idiot.

Don’t worry, Lena Dunham’s got Kaling’s back. The two girls sat down for Rookie Magazine to talk about life, being a woman in the industry and blah blah blah. It wasn’t a completely great interview, but I still feel the need to read things of women that, despite playing ridiculously “real” characters*, portray stupidity. I’m not so sure if they are “breaking the mold” much as they are perpetuating female stupidity. But the complete and utter truth is I love the following three female odd-balls and I really enjoy all of their television spots… I just struggle to identify with their characters for what they are being made out to be.


lenmind2A few healthy* observations:

High fives for the Louis CK costume, Lena!








Did anyone else notice how both characters cut their locks at the end of their last seasons? Except Dunham actually cut her hair, whereas Mindy just wore a wig.