Gush/Study Time: Angel Olsen

I made the huge mistake of letting this video be my introduction to my love of 2014, Angel Olsen. She sounds great, but looks completely flat, enough to deter me from giving her a good first listen.

I’m happy I’ve come around and happy to report, after becoming very familiar with her album, she sounds great live.

Study time with Night Beds (worst title ever)

I went through a period of big love for Night Beds and their debut album, but I think this video could use so much more exposure. It’s just so lovely:

As Night Beds’ members were packing up after their performance, I asked Yellen if he ever has to work on his voice or if he was just born with it — I’d assumed the latter. “I actually just started taking voice lessons,” he said. “I knew I could be so much better before heading out for this tour.”