Today’s Fit: “A Girl In Port” by Okkervil River

Back in December I bought tickets for an Okkervil River gig on April 1 at the SMALLEST BAR in a city just an hour outside of Toronto.

I cannot even believe it’s April 1 on Tuesday. In two days’ time I’ll be hanging out with Okkervil River and 200 other people (!!!) This is a big, big deal. Here’s a sweet tune to celebrate and hopefully hear on Tuesday:

Today’s Fit: Do Make Say Think (Ani Song four)

I don’t listen to them daily, but about once a year I re-visit Do Make Say Think and get my mind blown. Today’s trick was the album Winter Hymn, Country Hymn, Secret Hymn, which I bought when I was in high school (!!!) based on a recommendation from a coworker.


The song “Outer Inner & Secret” really did it for me today, easily my pick of the day.

Today’s Fit: “Such Great Heights” by the Postal Service

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of the Starbucks compilation, titled Sweetheart, for a while now. I’m not one for the act of Valentine’s Day, but I love the idea of love songs that have been picked and revised by some of my favourite indie darlings. Somewhere throughout my first full listen, I felt inclined to listen to one of my favourite, unconventionally presented, love songs, “Such Great Heights” by the Postal Service.

Years ago, my friend Nicole referred to the tune as a love song and complained that she couldn’t understand why such a sweet song is presented in such a bubbly fashion. She felt the Iron & Wine version was more appropriate, which you may recognize from the Garden State soundtrack or an M&Ms commercial. I think Gibbard and Tamborello have done well with their bubbly love song.

Happy Sunday, y’all.

Today’s Fit: Doug Paisley ‘Strong Feelings’

I had a weird feeling I occasionally have with the turn of each year and that’s thinking of my year’s firsts. Neutral Milk Hotel was my first gig a few weekends ago and this brings me to my first full-priced CD purchase, Doug Paisley. I also bought Sharon Jones and the Dap King’s new album, but for some reason, I have been longing for country-inspired Paisley.

Paisley’s the perfect Monday morning blues music.