Sasquatch! aftermath three: Neko Case

A surprisingly misconception about the New Pornographers singer is that she’s actually an American. In Toronto and even Canada, we take a lot of pride in the music we brand as Canadian (and sometimes not so much), so I think a lot of people associate Case as being a Canadian-bred artist. Case was born in Virginia and raised in Tacoma, Washington.

So somewhat of a hometown show, relative to the many other gigs played by Case, I figured it would be different from any other gig I’ve seen of hers – not so. Case’s stage banter at Sasquatch! was minimal, as was her partner in crime and support singer, Kelly Hogan. It seems that the band doesn’t allow much of their personalities flow at festivals and gives more music than personal insight and talk. I suspect the festival’s tight time constraints keep artists on a tight leash. There’s a certain art to playing a tight one hour time slot often to people that have no idea who you are. I am not by any means saying Neko Case and band don’t have it, but I doubt they won people over with their charm. Perhaps I am a little biased having seen them so many times over and knowing their capabilities.

But alas, it’s a music festival and to expect charm and top notch music may be a tall order.

She dug deep into her new album The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You an album that I have fallen in love with (amazingly managed to memorize the clunky title). More than any other album I’ve dipped into of Case’s repertoire, I feel as though it showcases Hogan’s brilliance. The live show did the very same.

I returned to Sasquatch! with the interest of seeing strong artists in a gorgeous venue. Unlike the National, I was situated far away enough that I could take all the scenery in.

Here’s a sweet article about Neko Case, fashion, and festivals. She even wore the very same skeleton pants at Sasquatch!

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